Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hello , thank you for dropping by. The weather is getting colder, so I moved my bird feeders to the back of the house, where it is more sheltered. The bluejays are coming in large numbers. They love sunflower seeds. I fill two feeders up and in two days they are empty. But I love watching them, they are such a pretty bird.

I am still working on my cocagne cemetery, I have a long way to go, since there are so many stones. And I went to the genealogy center and I found some news from various villages .I am going to add them in my blogs once in a while. Here is the first one I am entering.
Meteghan Nova Scotia January 8 1920;

We have lifted the ice these last few days for our Buttery.The farmers have showed up very cold. And we have hope that this industry will double in size from last year. Mister Andre Robichaud has promised us that he will make good butter, and with the experience we know he has, we are certain he will not dissappoint us.
So brave farmers tend your cows, enlarge your herds and you will become rich.

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