Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hope you brought yourself something to drink, while you are visiting. Remember I told you I would post little tidbits I find in the paper once in a while? Well today i will post one, and then share another one of my stories with you.
This was in the Evangeline newspaper August 31 1886 page 3, column 3.
Translated:: Haute Aboujagane(NB);
At this same moment we hear of a terrible accident that happened in Haute Aboujagane, two horses harnessed to a hay wagon bolted. Mister Damien Bourque ran in front of the horses to stop them and he tripped and was seriously hurt. Three children who were in the wagon received light injuries. Doctor Belliveau arrived in no time and aided Mr. Bourque who suffered from a brain concussion.

On a lighter note: As I have mentioned in one of my blogs, I have made a story book for my grandaughter on the young days of my mother. So the other day, Mom said to me, "Did you tell her the story about the moose? " I said I am not sure, so I phoned my grandaughter and she replied no. So I made her another page to her story. Here is the story, but in her book I used different names and I told her who they really were.
One day after a snowstorm, my mother and her brother who lived in the country, overlooking a meadow looked outside through their window. The snow had formed a nice shiny crust. Looking towards the meadow, they spotted something that was caught in the crusty snow. So they put on their winter coats and hurried out to see. Well my mother's brother who was around11 or 12 at the time, was not afraid of anything, so he ran ahead, my mother following behind, and came to this big moose, it could not move fast since it would sink each step it took, so my mother's brother walked up to it, and jumped on its back, Mom said he never stayed on for very long, but he did end up on the back of the moose. I can picture this happening and how they would look , since I have photos of them at that age.
So as you can see, the children of long ago, had their own kind of fun. But this could have had a sad ending had that moose revolted or fell on my uncle, so I would strongly advise anyone out there don't try it......
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