Friday, October 13, 2006

Well for you living in Ontario ,Canada, I seen on the news that you have received some of that white stuff, the stuff that comes down looking like cotton balls, but are really snowflakes. Yes you have received some snow, and that means it soon will come my way.I have created a winter blog, which I will give you the url a bit later. I will begin doing it , in November. My aim is to make it funny at times and real at other times. I know it will bring smiles to your face when you begin reading it everyday. For the ones of you who do not have snow, this is a chance to read about it .
Well I am still working on my Cocagne Cemetery, I only do a few pages at a time, today I am up to the surname Goguen, and there are lots of them, seeing that one of the founders of Cocagne was Joseph Goguen. He is the one who is said to have adopted my Williams Dit Bristol ancestor.
The story is that a young cabin boy on a ship that landed in Cocagne or sailed near Cocagne jumped ship and hid in a hayloft. Joseph Goguen found him and the young lad could not speak french, so Joseph Goguen who could speak many languages asked him his name, the boy said William and he was from Bristol.
Joseph had him baptized by a missionary and gave him the name of Mathurin (for the missionary that baptized him) Guillaume (which is french for William) and Bristol for where he came from. Some of Mathurin's children later took the surname Williams, some took Bristol, some even took the name Bill.
My great grandfather was born Jacob Bristol, he married under the name Jake Williams. That sure was hard to find at the beginning of my research.
It would be a great find if we could trace Mathurin's ancestors in Bristol England.
All we have is either his first name was William or his last name was Williams.
Not much to go on.
So now I must go work on my Cocagne Cemetery a bit more.
Have a great day

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