Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hello, thank you for stopping by,I haven't posted in a few days , so I thought I would do so today. The weather is changing, evenings are getting cooler.There has been snow reported in Ontario and parts of the USA. Soon it will blanket my part of the country. So I decided to start a winter blog, sort of like a diary, it will probably be very funny at times. I shall begin the posting the first part of November and I will give you the url later, I do hope you will come share my winter blog.
This morning I have finished drying my summer savory herbs and I put them in bottles. For the ones who do not know what summer savory or sariette is, well it grows like a bush, once it has flowered you pull the plants out and hang them upside down somewhere to dry.( I had mine in my computer room in the corner with some white paper on the floor in case some of the plant fell.) Today my plants were real dry so I stripped the dried leaves from the plants, crushed them and voila I now have some summer savory. I use it for chicken fricot, and for my turkey stuffings.
Now on to genealogy, yesterday I went to the genealogy center and I extracted some marriages from some PEI parish records. I am going to add them to my website, but some of the records were so hard to read, some of the records looked as if they had been chewed by mice so you get a word here and a word there.
I was having a nice conversation with Mister Stephen White and he told me that
the first records of Tignish were lost, there are no records before 1832.
So I will do my best to write them as correctly as I can, but you need to verify the information that I am adding for instance Drouin and O'Coin and Aucoin, the ones that I thought were Drouin could be Aucoin because the writing was hard to read. I shall add some marriages from Rustico and from Miscouche to begin with, and when I go to the genealogy center I will extract more when I can.I hope by adding these marriages , some of you will benefit.
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