Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello, thank you for stopping by. I wanted to share this photo with you. This photo was taken yesterday. The weather was beautiful, it was a great day for going for a drive , and taking photos.A few blogs back, I showed you a photo of my great great grandmother Domithilde Williams dit Bristol, and I believe I also told you the story about her planting an apple orchard. Well yesterday , I decided to go see the apple orchard, which is planted near Saint Paul. I had my photo taken among the trees. If only she could see the fruit of her labor, she would be so pleased. I later phoned my mom, and told her that I was at the apple orchard and took photos. We counted the trees, well not exactly the correct total but there are at least 30 trees. My mother told me that Domithilde planted that orchard from apple seeds, she saw them come up ,but never lived to see them bear fruit. Notice how nicely they are spaced? It was a very good feeling standing there ,where my great grandmother had walked and worked. The orchard was planted in the field next to her house.

On another note, I finished the Cocagne Cemetery, and have now started the Richiboucto Village Cemetery, if you find some of your ancestors in the Cocagne Cemetery, perhaps I may have more info on them in my book,since I did not add the entire info on some . And I told you that I had did the names up until the 1980s in Richiboucto Village, well I noticed I have a few newer ones as I add them to my page. So I do hope some of you find someone you are looking for somewhere on my website.

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