Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Today I went to return a book I had borrowed in Cocagne, at the same time I took some photos of the Cocagne Cemetery. The weather was perfect for taking photos.
So when I returned home, I decided to go out again and take more photos with all the fall colors. A friend of mine suggested I go to Bouctouche and she explained where to go. When I arrived there I was overwelmed with the beauty of all the trees and the walking paths and the benches to sit on.
Walking through the paths, I stumbled across an old cemetery, of course I could not go by and not go see. So into the cemetery I went. Some of the stones were very old, there were many different names, but the one that caught my eye was Irving.
And then I realized I was on the property of KC Irving. His homestead was converted into a park , of all kids of trees, there were chestnut trees, weeping willows, spruce , fir, rose bushes , flowers, maple trees and too many to mention.
There was even a little private chapel on the grounds. I had some photos taken of me among the trees, and I will have some calendars made for Christmas to give to my love ones.On my way home I stopped near a brook, and there also the view was breathtaken with all the colors of fall. I took a few more photos.
In ending I would like to say, that if ever you go to Bouctouche New Brunswick especially in the summer or fall, be sure to drop in to that beautiful garden of trees. I am certain to return there as often as I can.
Have a great day

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