Friday, June 30, 2006

Yesterday I went to the genealogy center, when I go there I feel so much at home, compared to the first day I went there. Way back in 1976 I didn't know anything about genealogy but I was very curious on finding my roots, it was thanks to my son who started it as a school project. Anyway the first time I went there, didn't have a clue where to go, because to get to the center downstairs, we have to go in through the library upstairs then go downstairs. I found my way eventually, arriving in that room, didn't have a clue on where things were, what I was allowed to look through. There were drawers and drawers of files, there were books, it was a gold mine. I began slowly, and I received lots of help from a former employer. Then I started getting to know my way around. Censuses, microfilms, newspapers, parish register, you name it I found it. I go there and I relax and I am lost to the outside world. I am at a first name basis with many of the employees, when I stay away for a while, they all say well where have you been?
Sometimes when I am researching there, some people come in to do research and I give them ideas where to look.
One time I was looking at the french evangeline paper, for a death of one of my ancestors, and lo and behold I saw my baptism listed in the newspaper, so that got me on another roll, I then found baptisms of other siblings, tidbits about my grandparents. My books are so thick right now it is unbelievable, it is not in order but it has everything I find in it. I have a book on my mothers side, one on my fathers side, and one on my late husband's side, the last one I gave to my son because his Dad passed away and I found it fitting to give it to him, he really appreciates it. I feel good about doing these books, and sharing what I find with my loved ones.
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