Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well today was father's day here in Canada, and I decided to go to the cemetery to visit my father, the day was lovely, it was really hot and a little breeze so earlier there were less mosquitos. I went to a craft store and picked up a bouquet of blue daisies, they were made of plastic, so they should last quite a while. I placed the flowers in the ground and said to my father, Dad just to let you know I haven't forgotten you....
Next I went to visit my son and his family, wished my son a happy fathers day and had a conversation with my grand daughter, I asked her if I had given her a letter I had written to my mother when I was ten years old and attending camp, she said no, I replied well I have it in my trunk and it will be yours, she then asked me how long I was at the camp and what did I do when I attended . I told her we made stuff from plaster paris, I had made a little bulldog's head, painted it brown, I still have it, and I went swimming and we had sing songs. She just returned from a camping trip today and I asked her what she did , she replied well my favorite thing was making smores. I said what are smores? She replied, well you take two crackers, fill them with chocolate and marshmallows and slap them together and eat them, she said they are my favorites.
She continued to tell me she loved taking pictures, I said you must take after memere which is me, and I said take as many pictures as you can, because when you are big, you will be able to look at them and know that you took pictures of your mom and dad and brother and friends. She smiled.
have a great day.

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