Saturday, June 03, 2006

Went to a service today at a local cemetery, it was raining but the funeral parlor directors handed me an umbrella to shield me from the rain. As I walked though the cemetery to our location, I couldn't help but notice all these stones, all these names on them, I thought to myself, who were these people buried there? Did they have lots of children? What kind of work did they do? Will they all be forgotten? Someone told me a few days ago, I cannot be bothered knowing about my ancestors, I am more interested in what I am doing right now, I want to live in the future, I replied well what I am doing is trying to preserve our future so when we are gone and in the past , our children, grandchildren, or relatives will know that we lived, that we had heartaches, that we were alive once just like they are.That we are not just a name on a tombstone. And that is the reason I have a love for genealogy, I want to leave something behind of myself when I leave this earth, something that will make someone happy in the future and that I had a part in doing such. I want my grandchildren to tell their grandchildren about their memere and papa, how they loved them , and stories memere shared with them...... Think about it? Would you not love to be able to share some of your memories with your loved ones? Now is the time to sit down ,write notes, or a diary, even if you are young and just starting out your lives, five years from now you wont remember little daily things, like the day you got married, who was there? The birth of your baby , how much did it weigh? Funny things that happened in your family, all that may be interesting for others to read, some tragedy that happened, lotteries you won? Contests you entered , I could go on and on, but the end result is still the same....... Share your memories, I am so happy my husband shared a lot of his memories with me, that I have passed down to my grandson about his papa, because my husband got Alzheimers and lost all his precious memories before he passed away..... It can happen so suddenly, share your memories before it is too late.
Have a great day.

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