Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To begin I must share with you something I received in an email from a friend, apparently he looked out his window and saw this large crow in his back yard, and the crow had something that looked like a snake, but he looked again and no it wasnt a snake it was a fish, then the crow picked up the fish , tried to fly away with it and dropped it, my friend went out to look and guess what it was? It was a large trout, he said that even tho he never went fishing elsewhere ,he was quite a fisherman at home haha, I replied that I heard the saying of it's raining cats n dogs, but never of its raining fish .
Well I thought I had found my elusive Delhuntys, received an email saying there was a David Delhunty burried in Liverpool born 1819 , he would have had been sixteen when my David was born, so nope not him. Checked Cumberland County birth records no names even close.
Tried the McAlpine directory for Cumberland co, not there, they had to have been in Nova Scotia between 1861 and 1867 , their kids were suppose to have been born there. Nova Scotia is a big place , so they must have been there somewhere. Hope it doesnt take me as long as it did to find the year my great grandfather died , been looking since 1976, found him about six months ago. I know there are many of you out there who are also looking for them for me, one day I shall find this elusive family.
Have a Great day.

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