Thursday, June 15, 2006

well yesterday I did something I love doing, I went to do a little research at the centre d'etude acadienne for a few of my club members, I had posted that I would be going soon but on the spurt of the moment , I had to go to the city, so I decided to drop in and look up some information. I hadn't gone there for quite some time , and when I arrived some of the workers said hi, where have you been? It felt good. I found a few things for my acadian group. Then I had a chat with Steve White, who is a fantastic man, he has a memory that is unbelievable. I began talking about some family names who I thought were from Quebec, and then he went on to guide me . I always enjoy my chats with Steve.
Time flies by so fast when I go there. I remember after my husband passed away, I would go there at eight thirty am when it opened, stay until four thirty when it closed, and the day would go by so fast. You sort of get addicted to genealogy, once you start. But it is a good addiction , a great hobby, and it educates you sometimes on the lives of your ancestors.
I learned that my ggrandfather used to travel in search of work, he first went to Nova Scotia, to the USA and back to NB. He would travel around twenty five miles to the city to buy his groceries once a month, he paid fifteen cents for a can of lobster, can you imagine? Yes that is what I enjoy finding most of all.
Have a great day.

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