Sunday, June 11, 2006

Today I saw my first bluejay, it came to my bird feeder, but my feeder is small ,so he had a hard time to stay on the perch. The field is full of robins, I have never seen so many robins as I do now. I am going to get another bird feeder for the little finches, I love them, they are so pretty.
I added another page to my grandaughters book that I created for her on the adventures of my mother when she was little. My mom's name is Florence so I called her story book Flossie's adventures. I am so happy my mother could share her stories with me, she had a hard time , her father was away working most of the time, so my mother had to take care of her siblings while her mother worked, plus she had to go to school and do the chores, I have walked where she walked when she was a young girl, and my grandaughter is enjoying every little story I add in her book. I wish I could have written a book about my father, but his memory wasnt good, so not much I could have put about his youth. I have made a little book for my grandaughter also called memere's memories, she enjoyed it also. For my grandson I made him a book on his grandfather Papa, who passed away 7 years ago. I am so glad my husband shared his memories with me also.
When we are young we don't think of stuff like that, we are too busy having fun, but as we grow older , we want to know where we came from, what our grandparents were like and so on. I am always searching, for myself and for others, when I find something relating to my family , it is such a great feeling,
please do not lose your memories, ? share them with your loved ones.
have a great day.

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