Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today I went to an old Acadian place called Bouctouche in New Brunswick Canada. Many Acadians can trace one or more of their ancestors from that area. I have been going to Bouctouche since I was newly married, my father in law's people came from there. What I love about Bouctouche is its seashores, its friendly people. It is not a big place. Driving along the main street, you will see a service station, a tim horton coffee shop, a big Kent store, a shopping mall, a place to get good lobster, plus restaurants, and that is where I went today. The restaurant caters to some of my favorite food, poutine rappee, crepe rappee and rappee pie, I took the rappie pie, loaded it with white sugar and ate till my heart was contented. Rappee pie is made by grating potatoes, adding pork , to it, some use flour others use mashed cooked potatoes to their mixture and it is baked in the oven, with a golden crust. mmmmmm. I make mine a bit different but they all are very tasty. So if ever you come down to New Brunswick , be sure to try some of our acadian dishes.
If you follow the shore line and go towards Bouctouche Bay, you will come across the Dunes, now when I first used to go there , it was just a long sandbar, we used to cross over via row boat to dig bar clams, now they have converted it to a tourist attraction, made a long boardwalk, it is nice, and there is a lovely beach there also. Before that they made it into a tourist place , my late husband and I would drive there , stop at a take out and order some fried clams, park the car facing the water and watch the boats and the birds, and sometimes the swimmers, it was a relaxing and lovely way to pass the day. Ah Memories , something to cherish, and to pass along.
have a great day.

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