Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What a beautiful day , the sun was shining, woke up to the birds singing.
Went to the library today, I ordered a book called Notre Dame De Grace, Georgetown, Parkton, Moncton. It was a historic book on the parish, which is the parish that I grew up in. I was a bit dissappointed with some parts of it, since none of my relatives were listed in it. It listed some of the first families who settled there, and some who came later, but not my relatives who were among these people. I guess the author wasn't told that my grandfather and his two brothers settled there. The book in itself was good, it brought back memories for me, of the picnic they used to have, the book said the picnics were held to collect money to pay for the new church. Now there was a photo of a group going into the church that I got married in, and I noticed the old buildings in the back ground that are not there today, so I copied one of the photos , will add it to my personal book.I also was pleased to see a photo of one of my teachers in the book.
I enjoy reading about the past, I love looking through old newspapers , especially when I find little tidbits about my relatives or ancestors. Good or bad stuff, it is all the truth, and if any of you are doing your family tree, you have to put in the truth, if they were horse thieves , put that in, if they were doctors, or judges or whatever put that in too. I know I have.
Have a great day.

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