Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians out there, hope you have a great day, and Happy fourth of July all you Americans out there. I am going to a Barbque today, sure hope the weather holds out.
I must share with you something that I wanted to mention before, I love acadian music, songs, and fiddle and accordion and guitar music, so when I moved here six months ago, I went to a senior dance. What a lovely evening I had. The band played a variety of music, rock n roll, two steps, waltzes, they even had a square dance. Then they played some acadian songs, with the acadian slang in it, for instance they sang mon car a un flat tyre..... typical Shiaque (slang), well did I ever enjoy that song and it reminded me that my late husband and a few of his friends composed a song similar to it when they were young, I still have the song and It would be so nice to be able to put it to music.
My mother once told me that when they were young married her and my dad, they would gather at some neighbors or friends houses and there were always someone either singing, playing the fiddle, or even dancing.
I remember going to a place before I was married in the country, and that is how it was then , the couple who lived there were elderly and he played the fiddle and she tap danced, and everyone would gather there. I loved it.
People seldom went to clubs or bars back then. They made their own fun their own way. Oh , memories are surely something to treasure and share.
Have a great day

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