Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well now that I know you are all reading these blogs I feel more like sharing with you.
Today I went to a special birthday party for a special girl who turned twelve, yep it is my granddaughter. Boy is she ever growing.
My brother made her a chocolate birthday cake filled with whipped cream and strawberries, talk about good. My daughter in law made hot dogs, with pop and chips.
My granddaughter received nice gifts, she got money and clothes, and a computer game. I gave her a birthday girl china doll with her number 12, She has had one every year since she was born from me. I bought all the dolls with brown hair.
And I gave something to her today that I treasured very much for her to keep. First of all I gave her a image I got when I was in grade seven since now she is taking grade seven, I wrote in the back saying so. Next I gave her a letter i wrote to my mother when I was ten years old and in camp. My granddaughter goes to camp with the girl guides every summer, she read my letter and laughed, I know she will treasure it , it was dated july 1952... I am so glad I could give it to her in person and explain what it was.
Now getting to genealogy, I received some info a few days ago that made a connection on one of my lines. My great great grandmother was a Martin and I found out the connection i was looking for, and for the record I was told that this lady was killed by a bear , she was walking along the road and she saw something move in the ditch, she picked up a branch and hit it thinking it was a dog, but it was a bear and I was told the bear chewed all one side of her. Wish I could find record of that in the newspaper but I looked found nothing.
Have a great day.

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