Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well today I would like to mention something in case I have lots of folks reading this blog, I know all you people who are or have done genealogy, family trees, your roots know how sometimes it is very hard to trace your ancestors. Many of our ancestors left canada for the usa in search of work in the late 1800s and early 1900. I know my grandparents married in Massachussetts.
There is a bill preparing to pass in the legislation with plans on closing the vital records in Massachussetts to the public, that means that if it passes we wont be able to find our ancestors, and sometimes there are reasons we need to find them, for instance if we or our kids have some kind of heriditary disease and the doctor would want to know if our people had the same sickness or diseases.
I for one hope that the bill doesnt pass , the bill is H 3642 and H3644, so phone your member of parliament or senate or whoever and oppose the bill, the more that contacts them, the more they will see how important it is to keep the records open to the public.

On another note, next saturday is July first and I have decided to go visit my late husband's grave, it will be seven years the 27 th of July that I lost him to Alzheimers, if anyone is reading this and have loved ones with this dreaded disease, and if you are a caregiver, I have been there and all I would like to say, is no matter what your love ones says to you, or accuses you of, just remember that it is not your love one talking , it is the disease. Enjoy every moment you can with your loved one, I treasure every moment I was with my husband, I feel so good that I spent the last four years with him, day in and day out, I feel good about making him smile, giving him his favorite food as long as he could eat, he used to love his beer and at the end I gave him that non alcoholic beer he never knew the difference, and I gave him his cigarettes until he could not inhale anymore, I know the cigarette is bad for you , I don't smoke, but he was terminally ill and I feel good that I never refused him anything.
So cherish every moment you can with them, I know it is hard, at the end I was all burned out, but between you and me? I would do it all over again.
Have a nice day.

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