Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today I would like to talk about something different, to begin with as you know I have been gathering stories told to me by my mother.
Well my mother has had a friend that spanned over 65 years, she met her friend alice when she was fourteen years old, they remained close friends through all their married lives, through the births of all their children, they comforted each other, when they needed to, they never forgot each others birthdays or special occasion, last year my mother's best friend passed away.
They say that sometimes we pass things to our descendents, well could it be true in this case? My grand daughter who just turned twelve has her very special best friend. They have been best friends for over four years now. My grand daughter goes to her friends place most of the time, and sleeps over, they play games, watch television. In school she is by her friends side. One day at the auditorium the principle called my grand daughter to the stage, and congratulated her for being such a loyal and thoughtful friend. My grand daughter replied I play with her because she is my best friend that is all. I am so proud of her because it so
happens that her best friend has ms, and cannot walk , nor run and play, but to my grand daugher it is no big deal, they are best friends.
have a great day.

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