Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where oh where has the Delhunty's gone? Well I have been searching for over three years for an illusive family of Delhuntys. Can you believe it ? Three years.
They can not be aliens, they must have been born, but I will not give up. So if any of you out there are reading my blogs, and if any of you stumble across any birth records of the following people, please enter a comment, now I have found all these folks in New Brunswick, so don't go there, I need to find them either in Nova Scotia or PEI. Now Delhunty may have been spelled differently , but the first names will be the same. Here goes
David Delhunty born about 1834, his death records say born in Wallace NS, cannot find him there so far, his father suppose to have been born in Ireland, mother born in NS. David married Eliza Butler 1856 Bostford parish ,Westmorland Co. NB, they had five kids suppose to have been born in Nova Scotia. Maryann or Marion born abt 1859, Joseph 1861, Richard 1866, twins Nancy and Sarah born 1864. also a son John born in NB.
There has to be birth records of these kids with parents david and eliza or liza somewhere.
A lady told me she has been told that there were Penobscot blood in the Delhunty line, could the father of David have married a native american? Maybe that is why I cannot find him..
So as you can see I really am into genealogy and I never give up, somewhere out there , there is an answer, I only need the clues.
have a great day.

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