Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well after many years of tracing my family tree, I am still getting more information. My book sure is getting to be some thick. When I began doing my family tree, I had no computer, so I did it all from checking records, writing to churches, looking at old newspapers, in other words just plain digging. Now I have a photo of my great grandfather's brother taken in the early 1900's with his wife and children. Today thanks to one of my members at my acadianroots club in yahoo, I finally received the names of all of the kids, I wont be able to match the names with the faces, but I will know that they are one on the photo. When I find or receive information on my ancestors it brightens my day. As many of you have brick walls, I have two brick walls, one I dont think I will ever solve, but I have another line, and I have them traced to Deptford England in the late 1790s, where they came from I dont know, they were Abraham Chate married to Ann
they had three children, Abraham born 1795 or 1797 , a Charles and a daughter . I wish I had access to the records at Deptford but unfortanately I don't so I have to rely on hopes that someone will find them in Deptford. Abraham the son came to Canada, used the name Abraham Chase but I found him as Abraham Chate in a land grant in Richiboucto . What a find it would be if I could trace the Chate line in England . I am still looking for a clue as to where David Delhunty and his wife Eliza Butler had their children in Nova Scotia. That is research I am doing for a sick lady that I know, I think I have posted in every county of Nova Scotia, but no results so far. The Delhunty surname has to be spelled differently, I tried so many different soundex, but to no avail so far.
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