Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Time Blues

We don't need to get the winter time blues, we need to occupy our minds with whatever we like best. I love genealogy, and I have a lot of dates and information to add to my family tree. My family software is not full yet. So if you like genealogy, catch up on your work, do a bit more digging. If you are not into genealogy, what about working on your scrapbook, I am sure you will think of new ideas to do. If you are into exercises, then do some indoor exercises, move your feet, wiggle your hands, shake your booties, walk up and down the stairs. Then take a break with a nice cuppa hot coffee,tea,cocoa or milk. Soon winter will be over, the snow will be gone, the robins will return ,(sigh, I can hardly wait)grin. I know what you can all do to shake the winter time blues, I just thought of that (you can come shovel my driveway)haha.
Well I am still thinking up ideas for my store, so I have added a snowy owl series of stuff, a big gorilla and I have given him a name, I created a few new buttons or badges.So if you want to have a look, check out my animals, and wild ones,my miscellaneous folder and buttons,by t-shirts,my humor,and my postcards, and mousepads, hope you like what you see.
go to* Have fun, that is also something you can do to shake the winter time blues, visit my store. smile
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