Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did You Do it?

Good morning everyone, the sun is shining, it is a beautiful but cold day. With the wind chills here it is in the minus 20s . Brrr. But yet , we are still so very lucky. Last night we watched the Canada for Haiti show.It was a very good show and while I was watching all the images and the people asking for support and the stories I thought to myself, I want to be a part of it too. I want to help. I feel so very bad for all the little children going hungry , no water and for the parents who must be so worried about their children. So the phone number came over the screen
1 -877-51-42484. So I picked up the phone, dialed it , a voice came over the lines sorry the circuits are busy please try later, No way was I going to try later, so I kept hitting the redial button oh its ringing, then I heard sorry all circuits are busy, so back to the redial and finally I got through. I now feel so very good and to make things much better for the people of Haiti, the Federal Government in Canada is matching all donations, so my donation however big or small will be doubled. But it is not over yet, YOU can still donate until February 12 and have the government equal your donation so please phone 1-877-51-42484 and give? Even five dollars will help, two dollars even. Remember if you give two dollars it makes four dollars going to Haiti.
You can even donate on line by going to .
Well now I need to change the subject, as you know I have been going crazy with my store,grin.
Last night I decided to make a Hat for all the Canadian Provinces, well I need to go and add Labrador cause I only added Newfoundland and need to add Yukon. These hats can be for both men or women, there are pinks and there are greens and reds and more.These hats can all be seen in my Miscellaneous folders in the cities and towns. I also made an American hat and a Maine hat.Then I made more for my Acadian folder too. Added some posters for Acadians and Cajuns with a list of surnames. And now I have my Mom involved in this, she is 91 and she needs something to keep her interested so this morning I went to see her, and she said Aline what about this? So I looked at it and Yes Mom I said this is gonna be something different. So I need to make it first will fill you in later. Also if any of you are Zazzlers please join my Fan Club,if you belong to Linkw please do a review on my gallery?I am doing as many of yours as I get to.
Now I need to go blog elsewhere, so until next time, remember to donate to Haiti and please visit my gallery, come by often I keep adding new things,*
PS I haven't forgotten my genealogy , I keep doing work there too.
Have a great day

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