Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Korean War

Today I would like to talk about different things as I usually end up doing. Before I start talking about the Korean War part, I would like to say to everyone who are helping the Haiti disaster in any way ,shape or form, thank you. Thank you for opening your hearts. I know many cannot give money, but I know in your heart you are praying for the people of Haiti. So far, the donations are pouring in all over the world, that is a good thing. We never know, one day we may need help too. All the volunteers who have gone or are going to Haiti and all the soldiers who are being deployed there, you are doing a very good thing. If any of you who are going to Haiti ,and you see a little boy or girl crying, please pick them up and give them a hug, and give them one from me? To all you people from Haiti or to all the ones from Haiti who are here, God bless you all.
Now why did I title my blog Korean War? Well I remember blogging a few days ago about missing families of the POWs, and MIAs. A Mister Davis posted on a forum that I am a member of and he was asking if anyone knew the family of a certain POW ,a LeBlanc and that caught my eye. So my group and I did a little searching for that family, we have succeeded in finding the church where his late mother belonged , we think perhaps the parish priest can locate some siblings.
Then Mister Davis who is a veteran of the Korean War himself sent me a list at my request of other soldiers who's family or relatives are wanted. What they want is to get DNA from relatives of these soldiers in order to identify them when they are found and bring them home. So I have done a little bit of searching and I decided that the more advertising this gets , the better chance of finding the families of missing soldiers. Mister Davis was looking for the USA families but I have added some Canadian MIAs and POWs too. It would be great to have a list of known relatives of these soldiers ,put them on file, and when the soldier's remains are found they can be brought home for a proper burial where they belong.
So if you go to my website and click on R U My Family it will take you to my Korean Soldier pages. At the moment , I have listed the names Mister Davis sent me and I have added DNA after their names, these are the soldiers who's families are wanted, but if you are related to any of these soldiers ,Americans or Canadians please let us know? You can also go to my pages directly at .

Next I would like to change the subject, wanted to let you know I made a couple of mugs with old used postage stamps on them. One mug has a John Adams,Franklin and Washington postage stamps, these would be nice to just collect, then I made one with Canadian Stamps, mind you these are stamps that have been used that I found on old letters. I also did a beautiful Acadian and a beautiful cajun mug, these can be found in my Acadian /Cajun folder. The stamps are in my Miscellaneous folder under more mugs. Did a couple of new Invitation Cards too.
All these can be viewed at* or scroll way down the bottom of this page to see the flash panel.
So I hope you did not tire of today's blog, but when I blog sometimes I have so many things I want to say. Other times, I think "what can I talk about today? " grin. Thanks for the lovely visit ,do stop by again.
Have a great day

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