Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Photos,and Genealogy

As I have mentioned time and time again, photos are very important, they are a part of our history. I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to identify the photos.We need to identify the ones we now have, so that the next generations won't have the problems some of us are having identifying old photos. My mother in law passed away in 1976 and she had so many photos with no names to let us know who they were.She had one which we believe one of the two women would be her mother, but we cannot tell which one, and we are not certain of this. If it is her, that is the only photo we have of her. I went to yard sales and flea markets and saw some beatiful photos of people of long ago again no names, that is probably why they are in yard sales they are unknowns,unidentified. It is such a shame. I am sure you must all agree. So we have to make sure our descendants do not say the same thing about our generations, that we never noted who our people were. Another thing we should do in order to preserve our precious photos is not to keep them all to ourselves, share them. The more people who has a photo of our grandparents,the more chance the photo has to survive. Many things can happen to photos, they can be lost, or be in a burning building, or even stolen, if we have ten photo copies instead of only one then the picture will survive much longer. If you have a group , ask them to share their photos. I have a group on Facebook called Old Photos of New Brunswick, and we have a lot of photos posted there, a great idea. And along with being a good idea, we have a chance of coming across new photos of our relatives and ancestors. And photos are also important to go along with our genealogy. Our genealogy is history ,it is about who our ancestors were, where we come from. And putting a face and stories along with the names and dates makes a big difference .
When I first started my family tree, that is what I had, he was born, married and died. Not exciting huh? Now I have he was a captain ,owned his own vessel,sailed up and down the Fundy coast. Now do you see what I mean? And If every a photo of that captain were to show up can you imagine how exciting that would be?
And speaking of genealogy, I would like to add that I have added a few more genealogy products in my shop. Today I made a binder ,you can see it in my Acadian/Cajun folder but it is not only for Acadian and Cajuns, I didn't know what folder to put it in. Also I made a few more genealogy Tshirts in my Tshirt and Acadian folders. Plus I did a few Valentines, and some poodle things.
So I have been quite busy. You can find all that stuff at*
I also have created some USA postage stamps, they are approved by the USA Post, and one of the stamps, is of three little children and guess what? One of the children is me. So I feel honored to be on a USA postage stamps, you can also find the stamps on my site. When I told Mom what I did, she replied "We have to buy some" grin.
Well I do hope you enjoyed today's blog. So until next time, remember what I said about the photos, and stop by my store to see how I am doing . If you are on Facebook I am there too, and I have two groups, Old Photos of New Brunswick and Williams dit Bristol. I am on twitters, and I have a room called Chat n Brag which is a nice family group, we are like a big family tree and it is by invite only and I have my main genealogy group acadianrootsclub that you need an invite, in order to be invited you can join petiteacadienne the url is on the side of this blog. From there I will invite you to our main room.
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