Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh Baby it's cold outside

Today the weatherman said minus 17 with windchill factor will feel like minus 28, so as you must have guessed Aline is in the nice cozy house, and trying to find many many reasons not to go out. grin. The title of today's blog reminds me of my grandaughter. When she was around 2years old ,she came to visit and her papa (grandfather)and papa was sick so she had to come with memere(me) to get something at the pharmacy. It was cold that day and I had her all bundled up and I was carrying her and as we were walking I started singing "Baby it's cold outside". All of a sudden she started singing in her own little way "Baby brrrrrr side". Did I ever laugh. Ah memories are something to share and write down somewhere for others to see and laugh or cry one day. For the ones who has children or grandchildren you must know what I mean. Now I was reading about some children from Haiti being adopted in Canada and possible the USA and to the new parents of these children, you have a lot to write about then and now is the time to do so, write how your heart went out to them and you wanted to give them lots of love and a good life. Take a lot of photos of them, tape their voices, and write down how they adapted to their new lives. This will be so important to these children one day. If I would have been one of the people adopting a child, I would get as much information about their lives before I got them as I could, their real parents if I knew and keep a lot of records because everyone wants to know who they are ,where they are from, I have a half sister somewhere, I know it is one of two women but which one is it? This gnaws at me over and over. As the saying goes "enquiring minds want to know". Now changing the subject, last night I worked again on my store and I have added some more postcards , one of Cornwall Ontario, it is an old photo, and a couple of Sudbury Ontario, some funny tee shirts ,and some items with an old King Edward Cent on them, the cent or penny was an old big brown one dated 1910. I have it on a postcard, and magnets, and badges too. I created a hat for all the Canadian Provinces ,these can be found in my Miscellaneous folder. I added a couple of things for Maine USA , and also Acadian and Cajun posters. So if you are in the vicinity of Allicor's store at* I do hope you will stop by even if it is only for window shopping. I think I shall add this blog on another blog of mine too. I honestly liked what I wrote. Until next time
Have a great day

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