Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What is Fishing?

There are many avid fishermen out there. What kinds of fishing do they like? Well some are brook fishermen,some deep sea fishermen,soem fish in lakes . They fish for salmon, as you can see by my photo here, they fish salmon in both oceans. Miramichi Salmon Fishing is a well known . Miramichi is located in New Brunswick Canada, and did you know that Bing Crosby the easy listening singer who sang White Christmas used to have a camp there?
Apparently his mother or grandmother was Irish and came from that area.(So I am told). And I am sure there were many other famous folks fishing in the great Miramichi. Now some folks prefer ice fishing. On the paper this week there was an article on smelts, and ice fishing.I quote from the article." Smelts may never attain the iconic status that has earned the Atlantic Salmon,a place on this province's license plates. But this unsung delicacy of the sea will always have a place on New Brunswicker's dinner plates. Now I love smelts when they are caught in the winter, they are sweet. Rolled in flour ,seasoned with pepper, a tad of salt if possible and fried until a golden brown. Oh this makes my mouth water. I remember my late husband used to go smelt fishing on the ice, the ice was frozen hard enough for cars to drive on and they would go by truck. I kept hoping the ice would be hard enough, yep it was.Once they got to their destination, the fishermen had little huts all around, inside the huts they drilled through the ice until they hit the water and used to fish from those holes. The men would dress warm to go there even if they had their little huts.
Now some folks like to fish for trout, there are brook trout and sea trout, but I love the brook trout the best. I went fishing a couple of times, but guess what? Someone always had to put the worm on my hook. grin. No way did I want to touch the worms. It must have been frustrating for them because as soon as I got the worm on my hook, I would cast in the water, if I didn't catch a branch I got a trout. Now once I caught the trout it was "take it off! take it off!"
Another time we went by boat, my brother in law had a sports boat and we went on the open waters off of Saint Louis and he had equipment to jig makerel and cod fish, so he showed us what to do, and lo and behold I caught makerel and makerel, when we returned to shore the bottom of his boat was filled with cod and makerel since the cod follows the makerel. Talk about a smell in the boat, and we bottled some fish, we gave a lot away but it was a fun day.
There are some who fish Eels, (not me I am afraid of them)others fish for shad, or sturgeon, and so on.There are many many kinds of fish out there which means there are many fishermen who prefer to fish their choices. Now there are many ladies who love to fish, as well as many children.You see in stories about a little boy on his bicycle with his fishing rod on the way to fish.
Now speaking of fishing, I want to mention, the image at the top of this page is a mousepad I did ,and I also have created things with trout on and funny fishing products. You can see them in my gallery, check out fishing, and also check out miscellaneous ,and more mugs and magnets.
I intend on adding more fishing things. Go to* while you are there check out my valentines, just created a new one today .
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