Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Genealogy plus

Today I would like to talk a little bit about genealogy. I was on twitter earlier and someone is following me and I noticed they asked what genealogy was? I guess the ones who know don't even think of this. We are used to the word and its meaning.
To everyone else who do not know according to the dictionary I have in front of me. Genealogy: Descent traced continuously from ancestor; meaning your father, his father, his grandfather, and so on, until you cannot go any further but wish you could. grin. And what does ancestor mean?It means forefather. And to make it much easier doing genealogy is finding your roots, tracing your family tree. Whew! Genealogy can be fun, it can also be frustrating. You need to be willing to have bad days and good days. One day you will find a whole bunch of stuff, another day you can search till you are blue in the face and come up empty handed. There is one thing to always remember and that is "never ever give up" sooner or later something will pop up. Well maybe not always but a big part of the time. It took me thirty years to find a death of my great grandfather, I had found everyone nearly before him and lo and behold found him. Now I am on a hunt to find the parents of one Anne Landry, I think I know who they are but I cannot say I do for sure until there is some kind of records or proof. For the time being I will say "maybe " she is the daughter of so and so. So if you are not into genealogy ,and family trees, now is the time to think about starting. If not for yourself, do it for your children and grandchildren. Leave them a bit of their history.
Now changing the subject, I received some good news earlier today. Yesterday I posted all over trying to get someone to buy Tshirts from any Zazzle Store, every shirt we sold before midnight last night Zazzle was sending one dollar every time a shirt was sold to the Haiti Relief Center. So I sort of pushed to make a sale, and as I said if a big bunch of Zazzle store owners sold even one shirt the money would add up. This morning I checked and I had sold one shirt, its not much but it is a dollar more on its way to Haiti. I also sold an Acadian Calendar, two mugs,so I was very pleased . Today I created a mug with a one dollar and a two dollar bill, and some tshirts too. You can check my store ,click on miscellaneous and more mugs, and on tee shirts and also some hats in the humor folder. Hope you like what I did. http://www.zazzle.com/allicor*
I also did a few tee shirts with my own creation of a poem. smile.
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