Wednesday, January 27, 2010

About Korean War and Mom

Hello everyone,well today I want to share two things with you first of all. Many of you must remember when I mentioned that I had posted a page on my acadian-roots website about a list of POWs and MIAs from the Korean War and how a Mr.Davis was looking for relatives of these missing soldiers in order to match their DNA for identifcation? Well today I received a reply one of the nephew of one of the POWs has come forward and he is going to cooperate,so that is wonderful also he himself is a soldier in Afghanistan. So I am pleased. So many later on another soldier will be going home.
Another thing I want to share with you, we had a reunion last July for the Bergeron-Damboise families, and it was held in Fredericton New Brunswick where Barthelemy Bergeron is said to be buried. And we were honored with a reception and buffet at the home of the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick who at the time was Hermenegilde Chiasson, and there were photos taken . At our reunion we honored our three oldest guests and one was my mother who is 91 and many photos were taken, one paticular one with the seniors with Mister Chiasson and his lovely wife, and yesterday Mom got this parcel in the mail , it was an 8x10 framed photo of Mister Chiasson ,his wife and the three seniors. Mom was so very pleased, she made me laugh she said she was going to hang it on the wall, and there was a photo taken of her and a cute mountie and she wants to enlarge it and put it besides the other photo. grin.
Now I have added an image here I hope it took, this is something I created, and thought I would share it with all of you, it is a poster entitled Family in the Tree. Hope you like it, it can be found at my gallery.
Another thing, I had also posted on a new book to be published in March, on the first five generation of the descendants of Jacques Mius D'Entremont of Pubnico, if you are interested in ordering the book, you can go to my website click on my book corner and the english books, you will see all the information there, I think this book is a great addition to your genealogy library.
I do hope you enjoyed today's blog, when I began I could not think of a good subject but all in all I think I did.
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