Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cold Winter Days

For many of us, it is winter time and winter brings snow and it brings cold weather. I was listening to the news last night and it showed other places gripped by the cold and bad weather.
Florida for one, is in a cold snap, and this could mean that their oranges will be spoiled and that means if they lose their crops, the fruit in our grocery store could go up in price.
Here where I live yesterday it was cold, with the wind chill factor it felt like minus 25 celsius, and that is cold. I never started my car, I sure hope it will start today because it is still cold.
So what can we do if its too cold to go anywhere? Ahhhhh, there is something we can do and that is to put all our genealogy stuff in order, or start our family tree journal? Rearrange our photos, identify them. If we have a family tree software like Legacy or Family Tree Maker of PAF etc we can maybe add more names, do some searching at Ancestry or if we have French-Canadians lines we can check out Tanguay's dictionary online. Genealogy is a hobby that is endless, meaning there is always something else to do. Has a member in your family or relative passed away recently? Did you add their date of death to your records? What about the ones who just got married? Now is the time to take notes it will save lots of time later trying to find those dates.
Now changing the subject, I have been busy with a few things, I am thinking of adding something on my website, but am researching on how to do it, this is a project that may help someone in some way. If I do it , I will let you all know when it is finished.
And I am still creating things for my store, (you can see the flash panel way at the bottom of this page). Today I made two reunion invitations, (but I am hoping to get better at it) and I did some funny stuff yesterday. You can see the invites in the greeting card folder and the funny stuff in humor , and in tee shirts, did some Irish things too. So you can go window shop, the store is quite big , and if you happen to like something it is there for sale. I recently sold some invitations and I was glad ,because it gave me incentive to create more. grin. Oh and if you go to the children folder you will see a postage stamp of three children, (I am one of them)and I an now on a postage stamp. grin.These are real postage stamps approved by the USA Post. I also have other postage stamps, a valentine girl one, another pretty little girl, Rocky the Raccoon,and more.
I have lots of funny bumper stickers, also some with good advice. You can go to
http://www.zazzle.com/allicor* and look around. Now it is coffee time and so I shall see you all next time.
Have a great day


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