Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sad times for Haiti

Last night , I was listening to the evening news, and I saw lots of photos and videos of the devastation in Haiti due to the earthquake which measure 7 on the Rickter Scale. I noticed the anguish, the hurt, the sadness,the confusion of all these people.
You feel like you want to do something to help,to make them feel better. To give them a hug and say everything will be ok. But for many it will not be ok for a long long time. Many have lost love ones,children,parents,cousins,spouses.
The Canadian Governor has offered to match dollar for dollar for every donation made by a Canadian. So if we give a donation , it means Haiti will get double our donation. Usually at times like these people are so very generous so today ,this is what I would like to say to each and everyone of you out there. Open your hearts , and give if you can. Some of you ladies can sew or knit ,I am sure if you cannot give money, clothes would be a good thing. Do you have clothes in good condition that you don't wear anymore? Why not see if you can donate them to Haiti?
Get a project going like a shoebox idea at your schools. Send care packages with little things like combs, soaps,stockings,find out what can be sent and work on it.
A gift from a child to another child is something special. So to all you teachers out there, now is the time to help. I am sure the students would jump at the idea of sending a care package to other children.
Ladies have a bakesale, with proceeds going out to Haiti. If you live where it is hot, have a yard sale or garage sale with proceeds going to Haiti. To all you men out there, start a collection at work for Haiti. Have some kind of auction with money or a percentage even going to Haiti. Contact your police and see if it would be allowed to canvas from door to door,you probably would have to be registered to do so. Contact your nearest Red Cross and ask how you can help or donate to them for Haiti. Remember "where there is a will, there is a way".
To all you Haitian out there, I send you my heartfelt sentiments. To the ones who lost family, my deepest sympathy.