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NEW Mius D'Entremont Book

Hello everyone, well today I would first like to talk about Pubnico in Nova Scotia. Pubnico is one of the oldest Acadian Settlements in the province, it is situated not far from Yarmouth Nova Scotia. Philippe Mius D'Entremont arrived there around 1653 with Charles Etienne de La Tour and he was given the title of Baron of Pobomcoup. Philippe married Madeleine Helie around 1649. They had a son Jacques born around 1654 who married Anne de St Etienne de La Tour daughter of Charles and Jeanne Mortin around 1678. They had nine children four sons and five daughters and a new book is to be published about the first five generations of Jacques Mius D'Entremont. Here is what I have posted on my website with permission from the Musee Acadien. If you decide to order a book because they are taken orders now I hope you will mention that you heard about it from acadian roots or from Aline Cormier.
A long awaited genealogical publication has just been published by the Société historique acadienne de
Pubnico Ouest listing a five generation family tree of the family of Jacques Mius d’Entremont (1679-c
1759). This volume contains 578 pages and many names representing many of the family names of
southwest Nova Scotia : Mius d’Entremont, Deon, Amirault, Surette, Bourque, Belliveau, Robichaud….
This work has been several years in the birthing. The information has been verified against the parish
registers, the Vital Statistics of Nova Scotia, the Census of Nova Scotia and the United States ,
family documents, personal information, etc. Insofar as humanly possible the mistakes have been
removed, but will still exist.
Many of the descendants of Jacques Mius d’Entremont over the years have moved all around the Atlantic
Provinces and the United States . The search for work and success brought many members of these large
families to many other geographical areas. This volume should be most helpful to all these families
whose roots remain solidly planted in the Pubnicos.
Philippe Mius d’Entremont (c 1601-c 1700), who was the founder of this family and came to Acadia in
1651 received his land grant in this area in 1653. The descendants of his three sons and two daughters
were caught up in the Acadian expulsion of 1756-59. Jacques is one of these sons. The descendants of
the other two sons, Abraham and Philippe II, often appear within the family tree of their brother
Jacques. Thus the families covered in this volume provide a rich source of information for the area.
The book is 8 x 11 in a blue hardcover format. The price is $55.00. Gift a certificate is available.
Some of the names among lots more:
t,Mius,Geddry,Moulaison,Maillet,Saulnier,Trahan,Theriault,Thibodeau,Duon.Purchase: $55.00Mailing and Handling (if necessary)$15.00Cheque total $70.00
La Société historique acadienne de Pubnico OuestP.O. Box 92West Pubnico, Nova ScotiaCanada BOW 3S0
Pauline d’Entremont - 902-762-2655

There are many other surnames in the book too numerous to list but I do think this will be a beneficial genealogy book for many of you.
Well today I have lots of things to do, I have another blog to create, and my genealogy group to check and my chat n brag and need to do more things for my store.
Last night I created some beautiful christian mugs and posters, I have more to add, I have added some mugs and tee shirts and postcards and a greeting card for all of you who have children who are going to do their Confirmation. I know my grandchildren are doing theirs. The mugs are great to give as a keepsake in memory of their special day. I have also created a beautiful mug of Jesus , you can find thes in my Angels and Religious folder at* When I create something, it is a spurt of the moment idea, and I hurry and create before I forget . grin. I have made some sales, my latest were an Acadian Calendar and mugs and tee shirts, I am very pleased and hope to be able to create something that each one of you will like.
I am also making more friends through my store and that is nice. So now I must hurry and get busy, so if you are into genealogy, I would say to you, check out this Mius D'Entremont book, it has so many surnames there that your elusive ancestor just may pop up. And do stop by at my zazzle store? If you are Acadian,Cajun,Irish,English,Native American or anyone else you may just see something that catches your eye. Check out my fishing folder for a laugh, my money mugs and much much more.
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