Thursday, January 07, 2010

Korean War, can we help?

Today this blog is being done in hopes that everyone who reads this will spread the word around.
I think it is a very important mission. First of all I belong to different genealogy forums, today I saw a message asking for help on the LeBlanc forum and that message really caught my eye.
The gentleman who wrote it is a veteran of the Korean War and he is helping to try and find families of missing soldiers from the Korean War. As you know the war was over fifty years ago and today with the DNA it is more possible to identify these soldiers. But many of their families cannot be found. I have offered to help find the family of one RAWFORD EDMOND LEBLANC born around 1930 in Massachussetts, one record mentions Templeton MA and I noticed Worcester Mass on another document, I checked the vital record index for Worcester did not find him, I just wrote to Templeton town clerk to see if they a record of his birth. Waiting for a reply. So I was wondering if you could spread the word around to see if we can reach his family so that his ashes can be returned to them. You can reach me at mrsaline at live dot com, remember to change the (AT)to the proper symbol. And the dot to a (.)I am hoping we can all team up and find his family.
Thank you
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Linda Hughes Hiser said...

My Dad was a veteran of the Korean War. Are there other soldier's families that need to be located. I would like to help in this effort.

alineskee said...

Linda Lee, yes there are tons of them that needs to be found, I just was given a list, and good news, we found the parents of Rawford Edmond Leblanc they are both deceased but there is a nephew we think is alive. I did not find the information personally although I tried, one of my genealogy group members did. So I will post shortly on others, right now I have been given a list from Illinois to be found.
Thank you, I am sure I will need any help you can give.