Sunday, January 10, 2010


Mothers contribute so much in life , they are the heart of the families. This must have been carried through the times. If we traced all the ladies on our maternal line, I wonder what kind of ladies they would have been. Mothers are there for their children , they teach them, they feed and dress them, they support them and most of all they love them.
Yesterday I went for my daily visit to see my Mom, and she knows I love old stuff, meaning old photos, old papers and documents. So yesterday she took our her valentines and cards .She had this paticular valentine, it was a little girl I believe a german girl, because on the bottom of the valentine it said Germany and Mom told me she got that Valentine when she was six years old, can you imagine? That was 85 years ago and the Valentine is in great condition, so I have scanned it and added it in my store, I created a mug, a valentine, a little girl's shirt, a keychain,and I believe a mousepad with it. You can see it at* click on miscellaneous folder and then on More Mugs for the mug. I am very proud of the products with Mom's Valentine. There is more to come. Mom said she has other stuff. Yippee! grin. Oh and I sold some invitation cards, I was impressed, sold quite a lot of them. So when I sell something it motivates me to make more stuff.
Getting back to Mother's I want to take my digital camera and tape Mom on it as a video. I am going to ask my siblings to give me a couple of questions each that they would like to see Mom talk about, then I will sit at the table with her. I do hope I can do this. A cousin of mine came to visit Mom a few days ago and he told us that he has recorded the voices of all his siblings and since then two or three have passed away. What a great souvenir don't you agree?
And regarding my last story about the Korean War and finding missing families, I think I did not word my message correctly. Some soldiers have not been found yet, but families of these missing soldiers are wanted so that they can take DNA and have it ready to identify the soldiers when they are found. Apparently many families have done so, but there are many others who havent and this is important in order to have the soldiers brought back home one day.
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