Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow is on its way tonight, for the ones who do not have such a thing, well it is something white like feathers floating down from the sky, it can float down lightly or come down like falling flour. It is cold to the touch, in the beginning when it falls like flakes, you can stick out your tongue and let the flakes touch your tongue. Some people love the snow, they can go out and build snow forts, or have snowball fights, and make snow angels. ( I did all of these grin). By this time the snow has fallen on the ground and the ground looks like a big white blanket.
Oh but then sometimes more snow is predicted, what is going to happen to the snow on the ground already? Here comes the snow and oh we have some wind with that too. It is blowing, we cannot see ahead of us. If you are driving ,pull over until the visibily is clear. Oh time to do shovel our driveway, I do not have what they call a snowblower, all I have is a shovel. Puff,Huff, gee this is hard work. What is that coming up the road? Oh no, it is a snowplow, oh please ,please don't put the snow in my driveway? I just finished shovelling? Splat, yep he covered all my driveway again. Boy a Tim Horton coffee sure would go good right now. I will take a break and rest before I shovel some more.
I remember when I was little, that we had snowstorms on top of snowstorms and at that time we had no school buses ,we walked, and the schools were not cancelled back then, I even remember the nuns in their long black dresses trudging through the snow in the school yard. I remember walking to see a movie with my brother and we walked on the main road on top of snowbanks that I honestly think we could have touched the wires (do not even think of doing this).
Have you ever wondered what our ancestors did way back when it snowed? They must have had terrible weather back then. I remember reading but I don't recall in which book I read, that some of our ancestors used to tie a rope from their house to the barn, in order to get back and forth to do their errands, when the visibily was very bad, they would hold on to the rope and follow it to get their eggs, or feed their livestock, or go to the well if they had one. It must have been hard for them if they had no well and had to go get water in a stream, the stream would have probably been frozen, they would have had to walk in deep snow and punch a hole in the ice to get to the water. BRRR.
Now how bad is our weather tonight suppose to be? Well so far we are expecting ten to fifteen centimeters of snow. And seriously to all of you out there, who have snow and storms please be careful, dress warm, never ever go out not dressed, I heard on the news recently this young man decided to walk home in cold weather from a dance not dressed for the cold,and he never made it home. Please do not take any chances,do not let your children play near the road , nor slide on hills near the road, be cautious during snowstorms .
Well I did not expect to write a novel haha... I sort of really got into this snow thing. grin.
Well to end today's blog, I wanted to mention about something new on this page, to the right of this blog at the top, you will see Followers, I would really like to see more of my you who read my blog to let me know that you are stopping by and reading them. I have a quota that I set to begin, I would like to see at least 25 followers, so let's see if I can achieve that number? Are you ready? Get Set! GO.
Have a great day ,thanks for the visit.


Velda said...

as I was reading, I was "almost" liking snow..then reality hit.

Isn't it funny how we used to walk for 40 minutes in snow deeper than we were tall, walking on top of snowbanks, and yet now we tell our children not to. lol...ah the good old days when I liked snow.

Did I mention I can barely see outside right now??

alineskee said...

I remember walking in the snow one christmas to cut down a tree, in Saint Louis de Kent when we had our camp, and let me tell you when I got back to the camp, I was tired. I remember the snow getting in my boots, talk about cold. grin.