Monday, January 12, 2009

Books,books and more books. Why are they so important? Well to begin with, some are very educational, some are funny, some are sad. Without books, we may never know about history, and geography, we would not know how to read. And we would not know about little things about our ancestors, our cities and towns.Let me give you an example. The following is from the book of Cheticamp by Anselme Chiasson about the weather. Quote" I t can be readily understood that in a place like Cheticamp where work parties are most often held outdoors and where the men made their living on the sea, forecasting the temperature assumed great importance for the people. Thus Cheticantins in general, and fishermen in particular have a well developped flair for forecasting the weather. For these latter especially, the sky is an open book that they can read and predict the temperature and winds of the next day.Without recording all the good and bad signs of weather, we do however give a partial list below.
In the evening :When the sky is clear in the west but to the north of the sun=beautiful weather.
When the sky reddens in the west and to the north of the sun=beautiful weather.
When the sky reddens to the southwest of the sun =wind and rain.
Ring around the moon=bad weather. It is from the same side that the rings begin to break up that the bad weather comes. When there is a bull's eye on each side of the sun=bad weather. The wind will come from the side where the bull's eye lasts the longest.
In the morning; When the southeast sky reddens=wind and rain are forecast.
At any time::: When the sky looks like a mackerel skin=rain. When horses yawn=bad weather. When spiders are active and agitated=bad weather. When hens remain outside in the rain=the rain will continue to fall. When cats are playful=it will be windy. A rainbow in the morning =sign of good weather on the way. A rainbow at noon=brings on rainy weather. A rainbow in the evening =brings on nasty weather. Now did you know all this? I didn't. Now you must know what I mean about the importance of books and reading. Now getting to the reason why Books are the subject of todays Blog is because I have created ALINE'S BOOK CORNER on my website at , I have listed some books in my possession at the moment and will be adding more, I have some English books on History, Genealogy,Poetry,I have some French Books also, so far they are ones that I have at home, and I have described briefly in English a bit of what the books contain and where if possible they can be bought or borrowed. I do hope you like my Book Corner and return often to see if I have added more books.
Velda, this is one of the two things I had mentioned. grin. I would also like to say at this moment a thank you and come again to all of my faithful readers, and to all you newcomers just accidently stopping by.
Did you know you can subcribe to my blog? I am not sure how you do it, but Velda is one of my followers maybe she can post a comment on how to do it. And anyone can leave a comment at the bottom of each blog. Just wanted to let you all know.
Have a great day everyone.


Velda said...

Hi Aline,

To let readers follow your blog, you need to add the "follow" widget.

Sign into your blog

Go to Dashboard (top left corner)

Click on Layout Tab

Click "add gadget"

Choose "followers"

save and there you are :) then readers will see this on your sidebar, they can click "Follow this blog" and it will appear in their google reader :)

alineskee said...

Thank you Velda I just did so, and I am aiming at 25 Followers, I do hope some will click on it, I shall mention it in my next Blog.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I totally agree with your comments about reading. I sometimes wish I could split in two - one person to read and one person to do all the rest of my genealogy (smile).And one of the best parts of visiting New Brunswick was when I found the different regional histories.
I always want to know more about everything and it's just a steadily expanding circle.
Evelyn in Montreal

alineskee said...

Very true Evelyn,I keep looking for new books on parishes ,and genealogy.A person can never learn or read too much.
Thank you for your comment.

rommo1 said...

Hi Aline, here I am being curious as ever. Good luck with you site.
I will be back here from time to time. I enjoy everything you do for all your fans here and in Chat and Brag.

The lady in the picture is Judy McEwan. She is a Mic-Maq from Bear River 1st Nation, Bear River, N.S. She is a guide at the Habitacion at Port Royal (Anapolis Royal). I met her at our 2007 Gala for L'ordre du Bon Temps in Lafayette, Louisiana. If I remember right she told me she is a cousin to the Chief in that area.

Keep up the good work.



alineskee said...

Romm which one of the books has Judy McEwan?

alineskee said...

Romm oh I am sorry I thought you were talking about one of the books I added on acadian-roots , now I understand, thank you for sharing . That is a great souvenir for you to have .

rommo1 said...


Yes, it wasn't in a book but I met her here in person in December of 2007. If you go to Port Royal (Anapolis Royal), I am sure you would meet her at the Habitacion.
She is a very nice person.


alineskee said...

Romm, thank you for clarifying the photo for me, I have been to Port Royal, but when I went there was a man (twin) who spoke to us. I would love to go again and this time not hurry. I am happy you met this lady, very good souvenirs Romm.