Thursday, January 22, 2009

CONGRES MONDIAL or CMA2009, some of you may not know what this is. I am sure you have heard that there was a Congres Mondial being held in Northern New Brunswick Canada in 2009. Congres Mondial is a World Gathering of all the Acadians that can attend. If you have ancestors who were Acadians, this is the place to go. And the countdown is on. According to the CMA 2009 website we are down to 197 days. The excitement is starting to build. Plans are being made. I went on their website a short while ago. The CMA is from August 7 to August 23.
There will be parades, there will be guided tours, there will be Acadian food served, there will be arts and crafts for sale or on display, music,bingos, bird watching tours, boat tours,bright colours everywhere. Houses will be decorated for this big festival with vibrant colors. There will probably be something for the children also. Can you imagine all the people that will be attending? The family reunions are planned at different intervals , for example the Leger/Legere & Trahan reunion is being held August 11 and 12, the Cormier reunion will be Aug 20. I would like to attend both but we are not sure if we can do so since they are far apart.
Now is the time for you to reserve your motel, hotel, campground, it is not too early. I made my reservations for the Leger/Legere/Trahan reunion Aug.11 and 12 th. We are tenting and will be at Colibri Campground and Motel in Bertrand ,close to Village Acadienne. The price isn't too bad for tenting. Twenty five dollars a night with two services water and electricity. If you reserve now ,well where we are going you need to put a down payment. We had to pay 25 dollars. This is because the World Congres is going to bring so many visitors in that they do not want to take reservation and the person doesnt show up and their rooms are vacant at the last minute.
My greatgrandmother was a Leger from Cocagne, on my father's side. As for my mother's side I could have attended the Cormiers,Boudreau,Vienneau, but have decided it would be Leger and my friend is a Leger. We are also attending the Bergeron reunion in Fredericton in July.
I am looking forward on meeting some cajun cousins, and many of you while we are there.
When the CMA was held in Louisiana, I really wanted to go, but could not make it. So this year God Willing we will be in Caraquet and Tracadie. Also the Cormier reunion isn't totally ruled out for me, we may still be able to make it. For more information and schedules for the CMA go to
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Anonymous said...

Aline, I have e-mailed for the Vienneau, reunion. I hope I will be able to make it to at least one of them. Also have Leger, in my line, through Philomene Leger, my gg grandmother.
Thank you for mentioning about the reunions.

alineskee said...

I believe your Vienneau reunion is around the 13th of August, the Leger/Trahan is Aug 11 and 12th.
I am hoping to see many online friends and many members of our group also.