Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For the children; Once upon a time, in a little village called Beaubassin,lived a little boy named Pierre Cormier. His father's name was Thomas and his mother's name was Marie-Madeleine. Pierre was not the oldest in the family ,he had three brothers and two sisters older than he was ,and he was not the youngest because he had younger sisters too.
Pierre loved hearing stories, he always asked questions.One day, he asked his father about his grandfather. "What did granpa do .Papa? Grandpa was a carpenter, replied Thomas. But I thought you were a carpenter Papa? I am one also Pierre ,said Papa Thomas. Let me tell you a little story ,continued Thomas.
Grandpa Robert lived in a country way across the water called France with Grandmere Marie, me, and my little brother Jean. When I was around eight years old, Grandpa got a job as a carpenter and to get to his new job we had to cross a big ocean to a place called Cape Breton, and he worked at Fort Saint-Pierre.
It took us a long time ,and I remember looking at the ocean when we were crossing. I saw some big fish, they were really big, today I know they were whales but back then I did not know what they were. Then I saw lots of birds that I had never seen before. Sometimes the waves were really big and the boat would move a lot, and some days it rained and was windy and it was scary at times.
Living in Cape Breton was very different than living in France, and there were not as many people as back home.
Did you play,Papa in Cape Breton? Yes, I played, and sometimes I would play with the little native americans there. What are native americans Papa?
Native Americans ,replied Thomas were people that lived there before any white man did, and they helped us .When we were sick, they showed us what plants to use to get well, when it started getting cold, they showed us what to wear, they were really good friends. And we would play together sometimes.
Pierre was starting to yawn and Thomas saw that he was getting sleepy. Ok Pierre, go to bed now, we will save some stories for another day. Goodnight Papa! Goodnight Pierre!
I am not sure if you liked this little story since I just made it out of my head just now, grin but imagine your children, or grandchildren listening to your father or mother tell them stories about their youth? I once mentioned in one of my blogs about me writing my mother's adventures when she was young and giving it to my grandaughter. And one about my late husband for my grandson. A part of Mom will remain and a part of my husband. "Their Memories".
Now why did I start with a children story? Well I have added a Children Book page on my website at in Aline's Book Corner page, go to the drop down menu. The books I am adding there, are the ones that I would choose for my children and grandchildren. I shall be adding more of them, and I have added a few more in my English books with more to come.
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