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Noel Doiron was born around 1684 son of Jean Doiron and Marie Anne Canol, he married Marie Henry daughter of Robert and Marie Madeleine Godin in Boston around 1705 and his marriage was rehabiltated in Port Royal Sept 24 1706. They had the following children: Louis Mathieu married to Madeleine Pitre,Marie Madeleine married to Michel Pitre, Marguerite married to Claude Pitre, Paul married to Marguerite Benoit and then to Francoise Bourg, Pierre married to Emilienne Thibodeau, Francois married to Madeleine Tillard, Joseph married to Marguerite Tillard and Marguerite married to Amedee Blanchard. Everyone but the two Marguerites and Pierre died in the sinking of the Duke William in 1758. Think about it, all of these couples and their children . There were only four survivors I believe or should I say only four Acadian survivors plus the Captain and his crew and the priest Father Giroir. Alexis Doiron was on the lifeboat and survived. Stephen White has this note in his DGFA; We count Noel Doiron his wife, five of their children, more that thirty of their grandchildren and many great grandchildren among the Acadian families of Prince Edward Island who dissappeared without a trace after 1758. After a long study on the subject, we are led to believe that Noel Doiron was the old leader of the Acadians of Pointe Prime mentioned in the Journal of Captain Nicholls concerning the sinking of the Duke William. So many Acadians were lost at sea during the Deportation of the Acadians, if not by drowning then by sickness.
I have added another article that you can access through the Duke William page on my website at regarding Noel Doiron, where he was before he was on PEI, it is a very interesting article and it was what the documentary on CBC radio was based on. Hope you will enjoy reading it.
Changing the subject, isn't the internet a great thing sometimes? I just received an email from a distant cousin who is living in Stockholm on my Williams dit Bristol line, we are not directly related until we reach Elie Bristol, but it is amazing how many I have met since I came online .
On Facebook I have started a group called Old Photos of New Brunswick, where my hopes are to have many photos posted there again in hope one day some of my relatives may be in the photos. You never know. See there is a method to my madness as the saying goes and also by having that group ,pictures posted may also be photos of their ancestors, so it is good for everyone.
Have I told you that I added more books in my book corner? In my English Books I have added the Cajun Odyssey 11, and Escape from the Guillotine. One is about the Landry family's Journey to Louisiana. I added the book Deportation of the PEI Acadians by Earle Lockerby , and also a nice story for a young girl called Lightning and Blackberries in my Children Book page.
Our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion being held in Fredericton is coming along very well, we have a hall for one of the two days, having a Mass said for all the group, having some VIPs attending, so all in all, I am pleased. We have someone attending to the luncheon and we have someone decorating the hall. So if any of you readers have Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise somewhere in your direct line ,such as the Godins,Bellefontaine,Bellefeuille, Roy,Pare,Saindon, Beausejour, and if you want to join us, let us know. We have a Bergeron group . Speaking of reunions , as you know the CMA2009, Congres Mondial or Acadian World Gathering held in northern New Brunswick around the Caraquet area will soon be here. Now is the time to reserve your accomodations. We have reserved ours, from Aug.11 to the 24th. If you wait too long you might not be able to get a place. We will be in a tenting area, oh my, two whole weeks in a tent. groan. grin. So mayby after the CMA is over I may show you photos of my mosquito bites. haha.
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