Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cemeteries can be a very good source for researchers? Did you know that? Tombstones sometimes are very interesting also. Some tombstones tells us stories about the person. Does the tomstone have a guitar on the face of it? Hmm, possibly that person loved or played the guitar. Does the tombstone have a man fishing? His passion may very have been that he enjoyed fishing. I have seen one paticular one, with a truck and the name of the company he worked for. So the tombstone can hold clues .The dates of birth and date of death, when you find the date of birth, or the year , you can look up his baptism or birth, date of death? There you can go in your local newspaper and look up his or her obituary. And then you are on your way . Obituaries can tell you a lot also, they tell you where they were born, who their parents were, their ages, their spouses and children, and where their children lived? Sometimes you don't get all the information but even the slightest clue is a bonus. I remember when I transcribed my first cemetery it was the old Shediac Rd cemetery in Moncton, and would you believe I was in the cemetery at 730 am? Yes, I was, and I remember someone later on asking me what in the blazes was I doing in the cemetery that early? Well it was a fairly big cemetery to do. I did not finish it alone, my brother came later and helped. This too is a good idea, transcribing the stones I mean, because some of the older stones are really deteriating and getting so very hard to read, soon the writings will be all gone, so now is the time to preserve the names on the stones while we can.
Why am I talking about cemeteries? Well as you know I have lots of cemeteries on my website at , now the Chartersville Road Cemetery or the Notre Dame du Calvaire in Dieppe is a huge cemetery, I do not have all the names but I have a lot of them and when I have time I add a few more on my Chartersville Cemetery page, last night I had a little bit of free time so I added names from four more pages , I still have lots to go but slowly I am getting there.
And as I write the names down, many of them were people that I knew or knew their children. Some are sad stories, some bring back good memories of them.
I have also added a few more books to my Book Corner.
So now you have heard an entire blog on Cemeteries. grin. But my point is to say, cemeteries are an important resource for researchers and genealogists.
Hope I did not bore you today, thank you for the visit. And please stop by again.
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Velda said...

I am a total cemetery geek! I LOVE cemeteries. I just wish they were worthwhile visiting in the winter lol We have alot of ground stones and they are all covered. I find them absolutely fascinating. It's really helped me understand death and dying too (which is a story for another day)

Rick said...

Aline ,

Hi .. I like this post that you made here today .. As you know I also spend alot of time in cemeteries .. It was to cold out today to take Mum out in the cold , so I worked on the Minudie's cemetery , still got a few more headstones to resize and put a name to them . but I should have it done soon ..I hope ..

Rick A

alineskee said...

RIck yes it would have been awful cold today, and what you are doing , transcribing the Minudie cemetery is a wonderful thing. Let me know when it is finished.
Thanks for sharing with me.

alineskee said...

Velda there is always this summer to do some cemeteries. We even went to PEI and done some of them, Egmont Bay was a big cemetery to do, but it was such a shame, there was an entire block near the water that the writing was not readable,