Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Crepe Rappee or Potato Pancakes are a delicacy among many of the Acadians .

So this morning I decided to make some for breakfast , as you can see they turned out great. I took seven potatoes, peeled them, washed them, diced them and put them through my food processor ,first I clicked the chop dial then the grate dial. Once I had them all grated, I added some flour, a little salt, and just a tad of onion powder. I did not add too much salt, since salt is not very good for you. Then I poured some oil in my electric frying pan and poured my batter the size that you see in the plate . Browned one side, flipped them over and browned the other side. I love mine with sugar. George likes his his with butter, others like salt on them. No matter what your preferences are, they are delicious. Why don't you try some? If you notice the date on the photo, pay no mind because I need to set the date on my camera.

I have added another page on my website at it regards our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion in Fredericton, so I do hope you will check it out.There is a lot to do when planning a reunion, there are halls to rent, halls to decorate, audio to set up, speeches to prepare. Our Bergeron-DAmboise association has decided to ask the ones attending if they can to send twenty dollars each adult to help pay for whatever will come up . We will be keeping receipts of what we buy, or pay for. So far everyone agrees that it is a good idea.

We have begun making our hotel reservations also ,mine is done. I am really hoping for the reunion to be a big success ,since this is our first one. In case you do not know, the Bergeron-dAmboise families settled mostly in parts of Quebec, Louisiana and parts of the USA, there were some in Digby Nova Scotia, some in parts of Maine and MA, New Hampshire,Vermount, some in Ontario, so it is going to be nice to meet all of these folks who descend from Barthelemy Bergeron-DAmboise at the place where Barthelemy spent his final years (Ste Anne de Pays Bas) Fredericton New Brunswick Canada. All the ones connected to this family such as the Godin,Bellefontaines,Bellefeuille,Valcour,Roys,Pare,Saindon,etc are all welcome, and the Societe Historique de Riviere St Jean is also having a comemoration of the massacre at the same time, I know I have mentioned this before and I shall probably mention it again, in the future months. So if you have ancestors who were in Sainte Anne de Pays Bas today Fredericton, come to Fredericton July 18 and 19th 2009.

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Velda said...

Hmmmm potato pancakes, also a German delicacy, so I have a double whammy lol..I make these at least once a month, but a good german sausage, sauerkraut and hot mustard. I eat mine 'just as is' and can't get enuf of them! I make mine slightly different, grated raw potato (I grate by hand) grated onion, an egg and some flour. Then I cook the same way...mmm now my mouth is watering!

alineskee said...

I used to grate mine by hand, but I had more of my hand in the rappee than the potatoes haha

Anonymous said...

Aline, my mother use to make these for us and we used molasses on them. yum, yum. Maple syrup also was very nice on them. This really brings back memories for me. Thank you.

alineskee said...

Effie, I remember making these and grating the potatoes on a old fashion grater my father in law made me, out of tin,punched with a nail and a wooden frame. Ouch!