Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saint Louis de Kent ,is a nice little village in Kent County New Brunswick ,Canada. Now I know there are many of you who have ancestors who came from this little village. I had a brother in law who was born there, and through him and my sister in law I became familiar with Saint Louis. My sister in law and her husband married around here and relocated in Ontario. My brother in law worked in the mines up there. And as everyone usually do, they want to return home. So first of all they bought a take out restaurant in Richibouto Village, and I worked there taking orders, I loved it, and my late husband was the go fer, meaning go fer this, and go fer that. grin. After a while they decided to sell the take out and build a camp in Saint Louis, so we all pitched in to build the camp. I was even on the roof nailing it down, I would ask of course, where do I put the nails? grin. The camp was a one room camp, with four bunk beds ,one each for them and one each for my husband and me. We had so much fun at that camp, so many memories.
So that is when I got to see how beautiful the village was, we would go to the wharf and go for a boat ride in my brother in law's sport boat. We would go to a sand bar way out in the water and wade in the water picking up Bar Clams.
The people in Saint Louis were so very friendly, I met Cyriac Brideau who was related to my brother in law, and he was a comedian, a master of ceremony and he had a love for genealogy and the history of Saint Louis. Around this time, I was beginning to get into genealogy, and Mister Brideau's brother in law gave my mother in law the book Histoire de Saint Louis by Cyriaque Daigle who was the uncle of Cyriac Brideau. Well I read the book, it was very interesting, it is in French and I have added it in Aline's Book Corner at , but that is not all, today a friend named Lorraine alerted me that the book can be read online. She gave me the url and so I have posted it in my book corner, if you can read French, read the book, it talks about the colonization , the Native Americans,the arrival of the Irish, the Acadians, the ones who left there to create Acadieville, interesting little tidbits,photos,and even a genealogy section at the back of the book.
Well so far we did not get the snow that was predicted, so that is a good sign.
I do hope you all enjoy my book corner, and the rest of my website. There are so many little tidbits hiding in acadian-roots to read.
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Velda said...

Merci Aline. What a lovely little story about a quiet piece of the world, sounds like a smidgen of paradise :)

alineskee said...

It also has a shrine (grotte) which is beautiful.