Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello and nice to see you again. Well I do know some of you reading my blogs are not in my genealogy group nor in my Chat n Brag group. Some of you are possibly on Facebook tho. So I want to share what I already shared in my group.
Sunday morning with the suggestion of one of my members I turned my radio on to CBC at 8 30 am. The topic was Noel Doiron and the sinking of the Violet and Duke William with all the acadians on board.
Ken Scott and his brother from Nova Scotia did a lot of research on the subject, They did a wonderful job,and Stephen White and George Arsenault also spoke.Sometimes hearing the words is much better than reading. And did you know that when the Duke William sank there were 300 or more Acadians on board? I believe only four survived. When the boat started taking water, the acadians and the crew both pitched in to try and pump the water out, but the water was coming in too fast. They did not have many lifeboats back then ,and the oldest Acadian on the boat was Noel Doiron . The captain later wrote a journal about the event and he said there were tears shed by both the Acadians and his crew. And I believe there were children on the boat and as Stephen White said, a whole generation of acadians were wiped out.
Noel Doiron son of Jean and Marie Anne Canol his wife Marie Henri daughter of Robert and Marie Madeleine Godin, their children Louis -Mathieu,Marie -Madeleine,Paul,Francois,Joseph, wives ,children, all died in the tragedy. Stephen White in his book DGFA says there were more than 30 grandchildren. One of the four survivors was Alexis Doiron a descendant of Noel. But it is sad to hear of so many losing their lives, and another boat full of Acadians The Violet also sank .Both boats were in the Atlantic at the same time and they even communicated with one another.If all those Acadians would not have perished think about how much bigger the Acadian population would be today.
So on August 15 2009 there will be many many Acadians in Caraquet and also many for the Congres Mondial. So if you are Acadian, and Cajun,even English,if you have even one spark of Acadian Blood, come celebrate Acadian Day and the World Gathering. I also must add that Louisiana is vying for the 2014 CMA to be held there, that would be great seeing that many Acadians settled there and known today as Cajuns. I am anxious to meet some of the Cajuns in Caraquet or Tracadie.
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Well I hope you found this blog interesting.Until next time.
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