Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hello everyone. To begin, I would like to say thank you for stopping by, in the last few days again, I received emails saying that so and so enjoyed reading Aline's Blogs , that is a good feeling ,knowing that my blogs are being read.
I do things on impulse, I have always been that way, so one day I may write about a certain subject, another day I will change the topic alltogether.
Well yesterday I went to the genealogy center, an outing I really enjoy, while there I had a little chat with Stephen White, he always ends up making me laugh.
For instance I asked him about Havre Boucher Nova Scotia, meaning where are the registers, he grinned and said Havre Boucher? That is about a three hour drive , grin. George and I laughed. I enjoy chatting with him, be it for genealogy or other subjects.
While I was at the genealogy center, I got the list of prisoners who were held in Fort Beausejour (Fort Cumberland ,they are one and the same place) in 1763.
I have added them on my website at www.acadian-roots.com , so if you want to know if your ancestors were prisoners there, check it out.
I also did some lookups and verifications for some of my genealogy group at acadianrootsclub. If you are interested in joining our group, we are over 450 members and growing, you can do so by joining petiteacadienne and I will invite you from there. But if you join, please let me know a little about you, not personal stuff but things such as what names you are doing and if we can help you with anything or if you just want to help others. I would love more members from various areas who can help others , such as northern New Brunswick ,Nova Scotia, PEI, Any part of the USA where the Acadians and French Canadians went, Quebec, Ontario, BC etc so if you live in any areas where the Acadians and French Canadians settled, and want to help, let me know. And if you are new at doing your family tree, we are more than willing to give you a hand , to maybe guide you how to do it. Again to join go to petite acadienne group in Yahoo. There is a url to get there on the side of my blog.
I also have a group on Facebook called Old Photos of New Brunswick, that group is for sharing photos of Moncton,Parkton,Georgetown, Kent County New Brunswick, Westmorland County in New Brunswick,so you are welcome to come share your photos there too.
Well time for coffee, hmmm Tim Hortons? grin. So thanks for the visit, drop in again when you can.
Have a great day.

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