Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It sure would be nice to be on some nice warm island ,at the beach, where it is warm, but that is only dreaming. well the two top photos were taken yesterday. before the storm. The first photo is me near a snow bank, the second photo
taken in the same area, the church is where I got married, and to the left is our pharmacy.
The next photo I took this morning, this is my patio, and Thunder had to go out on business, so i cleared him a small path and do you see that rope hanging over the rail? Well that is his leash, and we walked to it, I put the leash on and he went down the steps, he sunk right in the snow, I grabbed the leash as fast as I could, and let me tell you he never ran up those stairs so fast. grin.
The last photo is a path I shovelled, from my back steps, you can see how deep the snow is. My car is buried again. We are still getting snow as I speak and winds, but it is suppose to let up later today.
And you will never guess what I am about to say. We are expectiong ANOTHER STORM ,maybe the next photos you see will be of my IGLOO. smile.
I hope you all had nice holidays, now the new year begins,and I am hoping that lots of good things will come your way. I am hoping we all find some of our family brick walls. If you are new to my blog and a first time visitor to my website ,I hope you will come join our acadianroots group, we have lots of great folks there, friendly ,willing to help if and when they can.You can join through my acadian-roots website. Hope to see you there.
Have a great day,thanks for the visit.

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