Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hello everyone, how are you this fine day? Our snow has gone down quite a bit, we had rain and very mild weather yesterday, now my car is free from all that snow.
Yesterday I went to my second home, the Centre d'Etude Acadienne (genealogy center). Arriving there , I thought to myself, what can I look for today? What can I find that would interest my website viewers, Ah ha,I thought of something, I am going to add more parish records. So I have two more pages to do, one for a register in Prince Edward Island and one for a register of a parish in New Brunswick. I shall be doing them very soon. While I was there I also browsed through other stuff, and I came across a letter written in 1825 of a trip to PEI by an Acadian written in his own language in french, and since I have french and cajun words on my site I thought I would add this letter. So if you can read french go to my site http://www.acadian-roots.com/ click on cajun/acadian and go to the bottom drop down menu you will see the trip. I could translate it into english but if I did so ,it would not be as interesting due to his way of speaking french.
Soon we will be beginning our new Project in our acadianroots group to help others with their brick walls, or try to help, so if you are surfing in, why don't you come join us , if you don't need help, then maybe you can help us.
In closing I would like to say I get offlines regarding my blogs, I am glad that many are reading these faithfully. Thank you for dropping by.
Have a great day, hello to Eve, Cindy,Harry,Jean(Scotland)Sara ,Effie,Maureen,Carol,and would everyone say a prayer for my friend Maria who is in the hospital, I hope she will be back with all of us very soon.

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