Monday, January 14, 2008

I checked the weather yesterday, light snow, oh that is very good,so we will only have light snow? Wrong ,wrong ,wrong. grin. Later last night I went on the weather channel, weather storm advisory, severe storm headed to Kent County and Moncton among other places. Twenty five centimeters expected this evening and through the night, with more snow expected tomorrow. It sure would be nice to be on some beach somewhere right now .smile.
Well, I have added new things on my website at , I have added a few more names to my Chartersville Cemetery also.
Some of my members in my group have sent me some new cajun words that I have also added. I have the 1851 census for a part of Northumberland County.
On another note, I have been receiving so many emails saying that my work is very well appreciated and that encourages me to keep on striving to make it even better. Many have emailed me saying, ohhhhhh I found an uncle, or these were my relatives in the school classes , and I found a relative in the cemetery or in the census. That is the purpose for my site ,to help others in any little way I can. I also have found new cousins along the way, again today I received an email saying they are related through my great grandmother's brother.
Also, in case you did not know, a group of us are planning a reunion in Fredericton in 2009 for all descendants of Barthelemy Bergeron and Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin. It is going to coincide with an anniversary of the raid on Pointe Ste Anne, where our ancestors were, they also plan on asking the government to declare the location of the old Acadian Cemetery where our Barthelemy and others are buried and the church as a Historical Site. So if it does happen, it should be a nice reunion. I have contacted a Bergeron descendant who is a well known magician and he has replied and said he would love to attend if he is able.
For the ones who can read french,be sure to continue reading P'tit Francois, the writer has contacted me again, saying he is going to do the translation of my pages to english as soon as he can.
Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your support.
Have a great day

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