Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hello all you faithful readers and all you newcomers. I hope my blogs do interest you once in a while. I was going through my papers that I had saved over the years and I came across a french paper from the Etoile newspaper. It was all about the 1994 Congres Mondial or CMA, so I said to myself, I bet many folks would be interested in reading some articles. But the problem is, that the paper was written in french. So I decided to scan them anyway and add them to a page, and then I decided I would translate part of them into English as best I could. I did not translate the first article as yet, but all through the sections were articles on some ancestors, so I added them on my page and a bit of translation along with them. I noticed some errors in some parts of the families, such as Barnabe Martin being the son of Robert, which according to Stephen White, there is no actual proof that he was. And a Louis Robichaud thought to be the father of Etienne but again no proof of it. So I added the corrections on the page. My page doesn't look as good as my other pages since there are lots of scanned newspaper articles. But I do hope some of you will enjoy reading them.
My friend Maria who was ill is getting better, so for the ones who said prayers , thank you.
I have also added a few more names to my Chartersville Cemetery, and more to follow. I have also received photos of a Charles Cormier married to Mathilda Boudrot and their son Zoel Cormier and his family, to view them go to my photo gallery at , If you have old photos that you would like to share with others and add to my gallery let me know.
Now it is time for a cuppa hot coffee, so have a great day. Thanks for the visit. Hello to my friends in Scotland, hello to Eve and family also.

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