Thursday, January 31, 2008

BEAUBASSIN, why am I beginning my blog with this name? Well the reason is because as I told you in other blogs, I have been going through some newpapers and articles I had saved and I thought I would share them with you. Since many of you would not have read the article, because you are not of my area. This new article I have added on my Beaubassin page at is very interestion, so if you had ancestors who were from Beaubassin, or any connections with Beaubassin, the article I have added titled"LOST VILLAGE HAS EXCITING HISTORY" is towards the middle of my Beaubassin page, it is very interesting with information from Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc the former archivist with the CEA who I met and found to be a very intelligent man. (He also played a big part along with Regis Brun in sharing a movie with me where my parents were on and my great grandmother also). I will always be greatful to Regis and Ronnie for this. Imagine seeing your mother and father walking around in a movie taken before you were born? Mom was around 16 or 17 then. Today she is 89.
But getting back to the article, it is very well written, I do hope you will stop by and read it. This article was in our newspaper seven years ago.
On another note, I have added more names in my Chartersville cemetery. Still many more to add.
Our weather is really strange this year. Last night we had high winds, and today we have icy roads, but nothing as bad as what Prince Edward Island had, they had an ice storm, many are still without power today. To all of you on Prince Edward Island, I do hope your power will be up soon, and that your weather improves. Stay safe.
To all my readers, thank you again for the visit. I do not know who many of you are, but I do know you are there. Maria , hope you get well soon, hello cousin Eve, I see you there, smile, hi Cindy, Sara my faithful reader ,with your coffee, smile, hello Jean and Harry from Scotland, and Effie,Maureen. Just want you all to know, I know you are there.
Have a great day everyone, do drop by again.

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