Thursday, January 10, 2008

I woke up this morning, and the weather was gorgeous. It was a bit windy at first. Anyway I had been looking on the internet for a photo for one of my pages, but as you know it is not possible to just pick any nice photo online and use it. So I decided to take a ride to Richiboucto New Brunswick. So off we went my friend and I. All of a sudden I saw a sign, Sainte Anne , this is in Kent County New Brunswick and if you have looked at my site at you would have noticed I had a photo of the Sainte Anne Church burning, so we stopped at Sainte Anne and I took a photo of the new church, if you want to see it go to my site, and click on my Sainte Anne Cemetery page.
Next we continued on to Richiboucto, I wanted to stop at the wharf, we did, I took two photos, there were not boats at this time of the year , so I took a photo of where the boats enter the marina or wharf. Next we kept on going to the church.
What a beautiful church, I took three photos to make sure I had a nice one. Then we drove home again. It was such a beautiful day, the roads were all dry. On our way home, we heard the weatherman, tomorrow ,snow, rain and freezing ice pellets. I sure am glad we went for a ride today.
Now I have added another page to my website, I did the Richiboucto Parish Records. I have completed certain years, with the records of Acadian and French Canadian names only. I do hope it will benefit some of you in your research.
Now do not confuse Richiboucto with Richiboucto Village, they are two different towns near to each other. Richiboucto Village was mostly french, and Richiboucto was mostly English and Migmaw with some french at the beginning.
Thank you for stopping by, do check out my website for new things, and more to come probably. Stop by our acadianroots group also, we would love to help you if and when we can.
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