Monday, January 28, 2008

While I was looking through some of my old newpapers that I had saved, I came across this photo. Many of you have read that when our Acadian Ancestors came to Acadie, they built Dykes or Aboiteau ,so that they could grow crops and control the water flow. What they would do was to put five or six trees were the water entered their marsh, and then they would lay other trees lenghwise on top of each other and fill the holes with mud,and possible marsh grass, and pack the mud so that the water could not get through. They had some kind of gate that they could open and close, so they could control the flow of the water. The photo is of one or part of one taken near the Petitcodiac River in Memramcook. Can you imagine all the work there would have been in building these Aboiteaux? Now if you go to my website and look at my Acadians in Quebec, there is an article that says some of our Acadian Ancestors who settled in Quebec, brought this method of building dykes along with them. As I said I have added a page on the Acadians who went to Quebec, this was an article in the Etoile paper in 1994, in french and I added the french articles along with the english translation. If you find mistakes in my spelling or my wording, please know that I am doing the best I can at translating. You should have seen me while I did the translation, I had my french to english dictionary handy, and did I ever look up french words. Remember I speak Acadian Slang called Chiac, half french , half english,grin. So some of the words used were not in my vocabulary. smile.
So now I have many new pages on my website, and as I think of new things to add , I will do so, I am not finished with adding genealogy related articles.
Today we are in the middle of another storm, we went to town earlier and the roads are very slippery, the blades on my car wipers were all full of ice, freezing rain and I was telling my friend, boy can you imagine when our ancestors spent their first winters in our country? They would not have been prepared, there were not stores to run to, no cars, many must have frozen to death. If they hunted during the first winters, it sure must have been cold in the woods, and I wonder how warm their homes were? It is a good thing that the native americans taught them a lot about survival. And if our ancestors could only open their eyes and see our century, I really believe they would say. "Boy You sure are Lucky. "
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